As you probably gathered from the site name, my name is Vince Cabrera, I play the acoustic bass guitar. And if that wasn’t enough, I live in Upper Hutt, outside Wellington, New Zealand.

I’ve been playing bass (with the occasional sabbatical) since about 1983. I started off in a post punk world, became interested in industrial(ish) bands such as SPK and Nurse With Wound and, over the years, moved around the world and further and further toward an “acoustic only” thing. These days, I’m a bit of an acoustic purist.

Something I really like about acoustic instruments is that they take away all the worries about whether I am using the “right” delay pedal or whether I could be using a “better” overdrive and so on. When you play acoustic, it’s just you and the instrument, and what happens is pretty much in your mind and fingers.

I find that liberating.

I love playing gigs. My music is quiet, yet melodic and ideal for restaurants, cafes, art galleries and bookshops hosting a special event. People often remark on the stories and ironic monologues I use to introduce songs.

Contact me if you’re interested in having me play for you.

Some venues I have played at:

  • Newtown Festival
  • Songs 6021
  • Wellington Folk Festival (President’s Invitation section)
  • City of Song Festival, Upper Hutt
  • The Brasserie, Trentham Race Course
  • Thistle Hall, Wellington
  • Summer In The Park festival, Lower Hutt
  • The Menagerie, Fringe Bar, Wellington
  • Mainly Acoustic Music Club, Upper Hutt
  • Wainuiomata Shopping Centre
  • Valhalla, Wellington
  • The Kapiti Music Festival
  • Silverstream Retreat
  • Poetry At The Fringe (featured musician)
  • San Fran, Wellington
  • Pyramid Club, Wellington
  • Bastardo Restaurant, Wellington