About Me

I am a solo acoustic bassist, and I live in Wellington, NZ. I am not a great singer so I play instrumental music on bass. Some people have described what I do as “ambient”, “lyrical” or “cinematic”, some have described it as “folk”. There are probably some World Music elements thrown in there as well. Have a listen and see what you think.

Some Venues I Have Played At

Not a complete list, but enough to give you an idea

  • Newtown Festival
  • City of Song Festival, Upper Hutt
  • Songs 6021
  • Old St. Paul’s
  • The Brasserie, Trentham Race Course
  • Thistle Hall, Wellington
  • Summer In The Park festival, Lower Hutt
  • The Menagerie, Fringe Bar, Wellington
  • Mainly Acoustic Music Club, Upper Hutt
  • Wainuiomata Shopping Centre
  • Valhalla, Wellington
  • The Kapiti Music Festival
  • Silverstream Retreat
  • Poetry At The Fringe (featured musician)
  • San Fran, Wellington
  • Pyramid Club, Wellington
  • Bastardo Restaurant, Wellington


Some Sound Clips



Bedtime Story


Advance of the Blob

St/ Vitus’ Dance

One Minute – the story behind the title is that I took part in a “write a one minute song” challenge.

More stuff on my Soundcloud



On The Lido

Last Night Before The Blast Off


Make contact!

Vince Cabrera021 024 37411


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