Dogs That Walk: I Never Knew

This is a song from my old band in Milan, Dogs That Walk. It’s a demo where I am playing acoustic bass guitar, my wife Sonja is playing an electronic drum kit and an English guy called Noel Batstone is singing. He wrote the lyrics as well.

The band started off with a different singer but her stagefright was so terrible that she would disappear a week before a gig and reappear some days later as if nothing had happened. Eventually, she left.

And then we met Noel who was into theatre and was quite an exciting front person. He would always dress up and wouldn’t event tell us what he would do. One time he was either an accident victim or an Egyptian mummy, for example. There were miles and miles of bandages.

In this picture he is, I think some sort of fascist air hostess. Or something. Anyway, one cool front person.